Beard Hair Transplants Are The New Thing – See Why

The next time you are watching a production pay attention to some of Hollywoods leading men. While your at it have a quick look at the Government press secretary as well as all the hipsters walking down the streets of your neighborhood. It is obvious that beards are in, and that all beards are not created equally.

You've got some men that can grow a full beard with no problem. In reality they can shave their face fully at 7AM and by 7PM they have the entire full stubble thing going on. Then there are those men like me who could not grow a full beard if my life relied on it. The pleasant news is there are lots of men that suffer from the incapability to grow face hair just like me. There are so many men suffering from that difficulty that it has been given a name, “beard envy”.

But fear not my fellow non-facial hair growing buddies. Beard hair transplants are growing in popularity. This shouldn’t be a shock because men have been undergoing surgeries so as to augment their appearance for dozens of years. You really didn’t think that all of those celebs were gifted by god with the perfect nose, cheek bones, and rock-hard abs naturally did you?

After interviewing one of the industries leading authorities in facial hair transplants (Virginia Surgical Center) the media hype has been confirmed. There has unmistakably been a rise in beard hair transplants. According to the team at Virginia Surgical Center the majority of men that undergo the facial transplant procedure sometimes request to have a facial patch filled in their beard or mustache.

How Does a Facial Hair Transplant Work?

It is an extremely tedious process. The facial hair transplant team has to remove hair strands with the follicles untouched from another area of the body. Often the bottom or back of the head. The consultant will make a small hole in the face with a 0.8mm blade and insert each of the hair into place. The trick that splits the best from the rest is understanding how to place the hair at the correct angle. Many untrained doctors will place the hairs in at a straight angle, making a unnatural look.

To get some more information on beard hair transplants or the hair transplant procedure visit and bookmark the Virginia Surgical Center site. There is a reason why they are considered the premiere authority on hair restoration.


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